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Personal Development Books

Why Read Personal Growth and Development Books?

I recommend reading personal development books because you get a chance to see the mindset of successful people and you also get to see their struggles and challenges. These stories  “open up your world” so to speak, and lets you know about other possibilities that are out there and available for you. No matter your circumstances you can dream bigger, and have bigger goals for yourself. Over the years, I have read a few good personal development books. To help you get started these are must-read, which will help you expand your thinking and change your mindset.

Here are some Personal Development Books to read:

1.) Higher Is Waiting – Tyler Perry

2.) The Essential Marcus Aurelius – Translated and Introduced by Jacob Needleman & John P. Piazza

3.) Lead The Field – Earl Nightingale

4.) The Strangest Secret – Earl Nightingale

5.) The Wealthy Gardener: Life Lessons on Prosperity Between Father and Son – John Soforic

Reading books

How Do I Continue With My Personal Growth and Development?

Become a member of to keep my learning going. I like their huge selections. They have many books to listen to and choose from. I like how fast and easy it is to get the book you want, and start listening right away. In being an audible member I was able to find this hidden gem book: The Wealthy Gardener that I like enjoyed very much. Although I do like having hard copies of books to read and own, I find it more convenient to listen instead. Especially when I am driving in my car, or at the gym working out, or at home cleaning. I also like how easy it is to do a return and exchange.