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Why Personal Growth should be taken seriously in your 20’s

I remember coming across a video on Youtube on TED Talks channel where Meg Jay talks about the importance of personal growth in your 20’s. That got me thinking, I wished I had heard this talk from Meg Jay earlier in my 20’s. Now, in my late 20’s, I definitely understand why she says this. How can this be communicated to young adults so they can build their 20’s more consciously? How would I frame it to the younger me so that I would understand the importance of my 20’s knowing how I looked at life back then? Because when you are young, you have so many competing interests and you forget you won’t always be in your 20’s forever.

So, these are some of the questions that I would ask my 20-year-old:

How do you set yourself up for the next decade of your life? How do you make the most of the time in your 20’s now, so that you when you look back you feel good about how you spent your 20’s?  You may think, “I’m still young. I have a lot of time.” That is true, you are young. But what if you stop for a moment and think about how what you want your life to be 2, 5, 10 years from now, how would you behave and think? What if you begin setting intentional goals now? What if you use this time in your 20’s to get your finances, career, habits sorted out now versus later down the line? So that you will have less stress and worry when you get into your 30’s and beyond, and will have developed good habits. Conversely, what are the consequences if you do not take those steps?

“The Most Dangerous Risk of All: The Risk of Spending Your Life Not Doing What You Want On The Bet You Can Buy Yourself The Freedom To Do It Later.” -Randy Komisar

Based on statistics, the average age that people are getting married is around 27 to 30 years old and their first child at roughly 28 years old now. It can be expensive to have children and buy a home, as all of these huge steps are happening around your late 20’s to your 30’s, that is why it is even more essential now to make the most out of your early to mid-20’s. It will be harder to build that strong foundation when you have a family and children. Plus, other expenses that you have to worry about. If you pause and put some time into how you should be developing yourself now for your future, you will have a solid foundation to fall back on. How should you exactly help yourself now so that you can put yourself in a good position?

Personal growth in your 20's

Personal growth in your 20’s and what you should focus on:

  • Find a career that interests you, and then put your focus there and work towards the career you want.
  • Use this time to study and develop your skills.
  • Find an internship and start building your experience. That way it will build your confidence and give you some experience. Any experience is better than no experience. Also, this will give you a peek into the “real world” and help you get a head start and also test to see if that line of work is something that does really interest you.
  • Your 20’s are also a time to develop self-discipline. For example, learn to budget, save, put money away. The earlier and the sooner you develop these habits, the better disciplined you will be.
  • Also, remember to also make time to enjoy the people in your life and do things for yourself.
  • Lastly, do not hold back. Your 20’s are the time to explore, it is the time to get out of your comfort zone. Fail, and fail often. Do not be afraid. If anything, you will learn from failures. And, those failures will help coach and teach you on your journey.

Make the most out of your 20’s now

The truth is, you can squander your 20’s and let it pass you by, and before you know it, you are in your 30’s. But you shouldn’t let your 20’s pass you by, as these next 10 years are important to creating good habits and what you do now will have a big effect later in life. As you get older, you will have a lot more obligation especially if you are married and have children. The best time to create a solid foundation is now when you are still young, have less responsibility and time. There are many unexpected things that you cannot foresee. Take advantage of your 20’s so that you can enjoy life later. See this as an opportunity to build a strong foundation for your life so that you can have that flexibility in the future. Hopefully finding yourself closer to your goals and who you want to be than further away so make the most of your 20’s. So start setting goals and taking action now. Here is another perspective on why your 20’s matter, if you needed any more reasons. 😊 Lastly, if you want to know why personal growth even matters at all, no matter at what age, and how transformative it be can read this: Why is Personal Development important?